if the designthinkers conference was any more boring i would have to kill myself. if it wasn't for jagermeister there would be blood splurting.


AP - In a bizarre kerning accident in Monaco yesterday, Canadian advertising lost one of it's least known luminaries. Wanda, the host of the now forever closed Teabaggers and Circlejerk, will be remembered by many for her use of Arial typeface, her ability to (mostly) stay out of the mudslinging, even when her breasts were the hot topic, and most of all, her constant exhortations to "stop messing with the goddamned templates". Devastated by the sudden loss, coworkers of Wanda hired a medium in an attempt to channel some last words of wisdom. The message that came from the spirit world was reportedly as follows: "When it comes time to meet your maker, remember: good karma goes a lot farther than Cannes awards. P.S. Bill Bernbach says hi!"

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